Decorative panels by Keith Haring

April 9, 2012 Comments Off on Decorative panels by Keith Haring

These interior design panels are light enough, becayse they are actually made of cloth elements. They are an eco-friendly alternative for any home or office. It could be a good choice for decorating kids room.
The pattern is white and black, and it can be rotated and repositioned easily. These wallpapers are inspired by the original store of Keith Haring Pop Shop, and in each package you will find two pieces of 61 x 122 centimeters.I t’s completely customizable and you can match them.

This decorative material is incorporated in the design of Ketih Haring (1958-1990), an artist and activist who often used his works to give public voice on social issues. He was one of the best known urban artists of the 80’s, when AIDS was diagnosed in 1988 and established the Keith Haring Foundation with the idea to both help children with limited resources, as well as ensure the research on the disease that killed him.

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