Diversity in a beautiful home by Marta González

October 26, 2011 Comments Off on Diversity in a beautiful home by Marta González

The architect Marta González has created a solid composition of volumes that brings strength to this house in Madrid. A bright and consistent interior complements a project in which the landscape is the key element
The house is covered with a stone finishing,  an alternative to the white limestone and black slate. The strong contrast is achieved with the deep blue of the pool tile covering. The landscaping project, designed by Casla, applies the use of oak.
If somebody asks us to define with one word this single family home, a masterpiece of Marta González, we will look no further than consistency. Also, we would add serenity, brightness and contrast.
The use of different materials accentuates the details.
The interior, also completed by Marta Gonzalez, is based on the color contrast, and the consistency enhances the project. The architect has created an immense white background with a very functional furniture, including black pieces that create a rustic but effective atmosphere.The ambience is extremely calm and bright thanks to the pristine canvas that encourages the natural light. “We wanted the landscape to be the key element, says the architect, therefore, we installed large windows that let you enjoy the views from the house and framed  then as if they were beautiful paintings.” Finally, all housing services, lighting, underfloor heating, air conditioning, sound system, blinds   can be programmed to operate automatically and interact with each other.

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