DIY Home Surveillance Systems for Tech-Amateurs

March 26, 2013 Comments Off on DIY Home Surveillance Systems for Tech-Amateurs

High end home security is not only a fashionable add-on desired by the tech savvy, but it is a necessity for contemporary homes. Wireless monitoring systems have recently become less expensive, easier to install, and convenient to manage. The cost of an average professionally designed security system can reach up to $2,000 or higher, but you can cut the cost in half if you set up your own system.

Home surveillance systems are doing wonders to help cut back the theft and burglary rates in the past few years. This improvement is owed to the advancement of wireless technology and its inexpensive implementation in home security. Such systems can stream video footage from security cameras placed at strategic locations for monitoring activity.

Here is an easy DIY technique to install your own wireless camera system; once you get the hang of it, you can improve and strengthen your security system further without any professional assistance:

Choose Your Strategy

Which vulnerable points of your home require 24 hour video monitoring? Make a strategic plan to figure out the susceptible doors, rooms, windows, and gates. Most people do not realize that this is the most important step when setting up a security system. The surveillance plan should be tactful and perfect, without any logical loopholes.

Draw a diagram of the plan you eventually decide on. This will also help you figure out the exact number of cameras the system will require, so you do not end up wasting money on extra equipment.

Choose a Surveillance Operating System

Since this is a DIY job, you can improvise and save a lot on little things. When choosing software for surveillance, you may want to take a look at your requirements first. If your security system is meant for looking after the babysitter or the kids, you might want to go with less expensive software. On the other hand, a strict home security system might require a more robust operating system. These surveillance softwares can be downloaded free or bought off the internet easily.

Mounting Video Cameras

Efficient home surveillance systems feature video cameras placed in the cleverest places. Make sure you get great vantage points, and that the entire room (a panoramic view) is visible in the camera footage. You may want to camouflage the camera among some home decoration items, if needed. To fix the cameras properly, follow the details that are given on the video camera manual/packaging.

Depending on your requirements, you may need wireless enabled or USB surveillance cameras; the former is more suitable for a bigger home with many cameras far away from the main system, whereas the latter is perfect for a smaller network.

Set Up the Connection

Connect all the cameras to the central computer system and test each camera individually. You might need a receiver to stream in all the live footage; some camera types can do with one receiver, whereas others might need more than one. Check your software to enable the video recording option, if needed.


Setting up surveillance cameras is as easy as 1-2-3, and this is only the beginning. You can pair this system with motion detectors and alarm systems to create the most high-end security system at home. If your budget does not allow you to take the leap at once, go step by step in installing automated home security.

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