DLW House: exotic splendour in Brazil

July 9, 2012 Comments Off on DLW House: exotic splendour in Brazil

This family home is built on the mainland of Florianópolis (Santa Catarina, Brazil), on a hillside, and it is a result of the desire of the owners to shape private areas which are not too isolated from public areas. The whole plan is divided into 4 levels to correspond to the slope, three levels are half-buried, but all connected by a single staircase and lift.
To take advantage of stunning views towards the sea and to ensure good natural lighting, the volume of room premises is cantilevered over the driveway, which actually becomes the main feature of the house. The gray color on the base accentuates this effect.
The living room and dining room are detached from the kitchen, but WC, service areas and the room for relaxation are all located on the same. Upstairs one will find the master bedroom, a room for guests, and an office. The garage has room to shelter three vehicles.
The house is an extraordinary piece that perfectly blends into the surrounding green space in Brazil.


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