Dream transformation in white and turquoise colours

November 23, 2011 Comments Off on Dream transformation in white and turquoise colours

A transformation of this house in Mallorca, a real dream, can easily transform it into a rare diamond. The colour combination in the house is inspired by the sea and the mountains. The interior designer has chosen white shades in order not to interfere with the lovely vivid colours of the surrounding nature. The porch has a clear structure and furnishings. Even in the living room  green and turquoise colours make you recall the proximity of the sea. You feel the special atmosphere in the dining room and kitchen with those brown accents on the chairs and some accessories. A set of arcs and entrance to the garden open the bedroom space. Do you feel the romantic atmosphere? The majesty of the structure is a true feast for your eyes and it seems that we cannot resist, but head for the coast and magnificent mountains which lie within an easy reach.

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