Dune House: the floating roof

September 7, 2012 Comments Off on Dune House: the floating roof

We will present you a project, designed by a Norwegian architect, who really appreciates the freedom which every shape can give. This house is situated in the coastal village of Thorpeness (Suffolk, England). It is called the Dune House. The owners built the house with the intention to give it for rent.
From the outside, the facade seems to use the same language as that of their environment, but in addition it also reflects the dual appearance. Yes, that’s right, the ground floor (glass and transparent), has nothing to do with the upper floor which is fully developed under some mysterious black covers. This effect is, of course, intentional, as the original concept of the project was that the house should look like as if it does not have a bottom floor, giving the impression of a floating roof all over the landscape.

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