Eco-Friendly Carpeting: A Healthier, More Sustainable Flooring Option

March 26, 2012 Comments Off on Eco-Friendly Carpeting: A Healthier, More Sustainable Flooring Option

When the choice has been made to remodel one or more areas of your home, one option that you can change is the flooring. If you prefer carpeting, the choice of eco-friendly carpeting is an option. This type of flooring can be made from woven wool and seagrass. Carpeting may also be made by using a various selection of recycled products.

The use of traditional carpet in a home can increase indoor pollutant levels. Chemicals that are used for the treatment of carpets are bad for the environment. Allergens and other substances may get trapped in the carpet if they are tracked into the house under someone’s shoes.

When looking for environmentally friendly carpets, the type of material is important. The carpet types should have natural fibers that are not chemically treated. Carpet should also have a backing consisting of natural fiber with a limited amount of adhesives that can be toxic.

The padding for traditional carpets contains plastics. These are made using petroleum products. If you require padding for your carpet, select a product containing recycled materials from a prosource carpet company you can trust. A type of carpet padding that you can use is made from recycled cotton.

When having your new environmentally friendly carpet installed, the methods used will need to be just as safe as the carpet. This means that instead of using chemical-based glues, another method is required for this task. One option that does not involve using an adhesive is tacking. However, if the tacking down of carpet is not an option, a water based glue should be used.

If you do not want to cover your floors with carpet, another option is to use an area rug. The same process for selecting an eco-friendly carpet is needed to find a rug for your floor. This includes making sure that a rug is made from natural or recycled fibers. Many types of rugs made with natural fibers will be woven by hand in overseas countries.

Cleaning an eco-friendly carpeting also needs to be considered. One option is to hire a professional cleaning service or use a solution that consists of vinegar and water inside of a spray bottle.

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