Edge House: extraordinary shape and glass

August 31, 2012 Comments Off on Edge House: extraordinary shape and glass

To tell us more about your house or at least the paradise you are looking for, you first have to like it, but it is also essential to have information about your floor plans, and if possible, you should have some good pictures of the interior. This time we may disappoint you. This great project, Edge House, has no picture of any living room, or the kitchen, bedrooms or bathrooms, but still you will love it, because the exterior is beyond spectacular.

It is a detached house, located in Varna, Bulgaria, near the Black Sea. The house has its strong presence due to its concrete walls and large glazed openings, especially the main façade. From the outside the building looks like a succession of planes of concrete and glass, topped by a roof of various levels.

According to the floor plans, we see that there is a basement and two floors above ground. Despite the architecture of the house, inside the house there is enough space: the bedroom and kitchen are exquisitely finished.
The ground floor is almost entirely occupied by the living room, but separated from the kitchen with a sliding door. The staircase is unique as it provides the intangible communicating between all premises of the house.

Now take a look at the photos and tell us what you really feel about this edgy architecture?

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