Energy as a key design element, the Energy Tower Pertamina

December 16, 2013 Comments Off on Energy as a key design element, the Energy Tower Pertamina

The Pertamina Energy Tower in Jakarta is a building designed to serve as a new headquarter for the national energy company in Indonesia. It covers an area of 495.000m2 and spreads over 99 floors with a total height of 530 meters. The skyscraper is therefore a new landmark for the city of Jakarta The energy tower will be accompanied by an exhibition hall, a mosque and a power plant, following a new standard for sustainable development. The Pertamina energy tower will become the first building in the world which generates energy and uses the energy as foundations for a remarkable design.
No doubt that this tower will create a new trend, because it is different from sophisticated skyscrapers which are designed today. Its silhouette is simple and streamlined.
Some umbrellas placed on the facade are used to control the environment inside the tower, reducing energy requirements while ensuring the flow of natural light. All sources of renewable energy production planned include a quarter of the electricity required for the project. It is estimated that the building can reduce its carbon emissions by 26 %. The project is expected to be completed by 2020.
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