Entertainment center in an abandoned mine

November 18, 2013 Comments Off on Entertainment center in an abandoned mine

It seems that certain abandoned mines could be a business opportunity, it is just a matter of finding the appropriate project that leverages the altered topography. It should realistic expectations for production and maintenance. Today we present you an entertainment centre, the Dawang Mountain Resort, which is built very near Changsha,China. It is located on an area of total 120,000 square meters and it sesav a height of 170 meters by a bridge-like structure. The project will include a combination of facilities for practicing ice entertainment activities, skiing in a covered space , and typical features of a water park, but possibly one of the most popular attraction is the cantilevered pool with a 60m waterfall 60 meters.
This Ice World Entertainment will also include restaurants and stores, creating numerous viewpoints inside through the glass facades. The old quarry pit will be accessible and there is a plan to transform it into a landscape of artificial islands and pools. A 100m tower located at the southern end serve to house a five-star hotel.

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