Escarpa House, a spectacular project by Mario Martins

September 30, 2013 Comments Off on Escarpa House, a spectacular project by Mario Martins

The Villa Escape is another one of those beautiful homes that overlook the sea. It incorporates fashionable architectural resources which can be seen in most projects of the first part of the 21st century. The house is located on a slope of Praia da Luz, near Lagos, a town in Algarve in Portugal. It is built in a space formerly occupied by an old building.
We cannot miss the variety of outdoor spaces that this house has. The terrace is related to the infinite swimming pool, the patio as if illuminates the corridor and one can get an easy access to rooms with a fireplace.
As can be seen from the photos of the splendid interior, we recognize mostly white décor which lacks any ornaments, the kitchen is truly spectacular with its elegant lighting.
The architect was challenged to build a house on a steep slope which is difficult to access, but nevertheless the end result is not an isolated secret castle, but an impressive contemporary condominium.

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