Fantastic photos of rooms In Mezzo

May 25, 2011 Comments Off on Fantastic photos of rooms In Mezzo

We have chosen a series of photos which provide you ideas how to decorate your sitting room in modern style which everybody likes. All designs are created by In Mezzo.

The first design of the room on the photo  represents a sofa in the colours of earth. Thus, we feel like being in a tranquil, safe place.  The purple sweet color gives a touch of modernity and dynamism, it creates an ideal atmosphere that can make your guests feel the warmth and hospitality of your home.

The second picture presents a room where the light brings an idyllic atmosphere, warmth. Red nuances give a sense of joyous atmosphere and the contrast with the white sofa helps people keep the joy in their room.

The third photo shows a beautiful white couch which is used to give a finish to the style in green colour. This  is another alternative which can be taken into account when you wish to decorate your room in an original way, because the contrast looks quite attractive. The room itself seems airy and spacious. Modern accessories bring give life to this space and we can feel the energy in the air.

On the next photo we can see that the black color of the furniture is prevailing, so it creates an elegant atmosphere along with the type of lighting that is used. You can easily note the small cushion which is placed under the coffee table, it looks really modern and cute.

Red is the predominant  colour on the last photo, so it brings energy and is particularly suitable for hotels and bars, because visitors and clients will never get bored or tired. It is noteworthy that red is a symbol of happiness in China.

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