Fantasy Island: luxury apartment in Moscow

June 22, 2011 Comments Off on Fantasy Island: luxury apartment in Moscow

The lovely apartment which I am about to present you is located in the capital city of Russia. It brings a collection of decorative elements that will not make an impression, you may like them or not, but floors, walls and ceilings will surprise you since their elements were used in order to define the slightest detail and create light ambience.
What seems to be a big picture with concentric circles is actually a screen TV with integrated decorative elements. Also, we will find an eccentric room for all entertainment devices. This luxury flat boasts many polished surfaces. It seems a wonderful idea to mount sliding glass walls between the kitchen and the rest of the room. The flat is designed as a result of bold decisions, so you will see that the height of the dining table can be easily adjusted in order to create a wet bar with a remote control.  To the center of the ceiling of the room, but the boldest decision of all has been to mount a partition walls (and sliding) of glass between the kitchen and the rest the room.
In this apartment in Moscow we also notice many different coatings, finest materials, mainly wood and stone. The primary master is a clear example of this as it is separated from the bedroom by a glass wall with a hard-top lighting and  small wood joists. It’s not necessary to have a great imagination in order to get used to the variety of these and other finest, well-accomplished details.

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