Fish Restaurant Capital by GonzalezMoix

September 14, 2012 Comments Off on Fish Restaurant Capital by GonzalezMoix

This time the architect Oscar Gonzalez Moix faced the challenge of creating a new image for the Capital Fish Restaurant, located in the district of San Borja, south Lima.
The land is bounded by neighboring medians very high, so that the space had to be shaped by high concrete walls. To do this, the architect used as reference the walls of the temple of Ollantaytambo, Inca town located in southern Peru, which represents a typical example of excellent planning of the Incas.
Large concrete beams within these walls composed redefine the space on the first floor, which houses the first room, which rests above the subtly glazed coated Corten steel skin which houses the second room.
The choice of noble materials and contemporary image generates a space and a cozy atmosphere, fluid experience and good feelings.

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