Five splendid houses in 2011

January 3, 2012 Comments Off on Five splendid houses in 2011

Since 2012 is upon us, it makes sense to make a selection of the best or most significant houses of the year. We made a selection and present you 5 splendid houses.

Eco-home for Naomi Campbell

Considering the architectural values, this house is not to be included in our article, but we must respect the ‘audience’ that likes the project for luxury home of Naomi Campbell. We will not judge the house itself or its location, but we invite you to make a tour of our photo gallery.

Rusnak Home: cactus gardens

We do not usually analyze projects with this architectural style, but we appreciate the unusual style of this excellent house with indoor cactus garden exteriors. We believe that this is the house that many architects would design with pleasure, but we think that sometimes it is a waste of square meters especially with only 3 bedrooms.

Abiko polyhedral House
We don’t have photos of this house, however, we will let you know that it is included in our article, but it is a house in Abiko (Japan) and it quickly becomes a modern sculpture of concrete formed by a complex composition of volumes  and an eerie minimalist interior. If you ask for our opinion,  we would choose this magnificent work of Fuse-Atelier.

Matryoshka House: a hanging room

This house has received several awards in USA owing to the elegant design that maintains a large exterior symmetry, complemented by a good choice of finishing materials, and an original arrangement of holes on the top floor which allows the bedrooms to benefit from the natural light. But the House Matryoshka has a secret: a meditation room that hangs from the roof. What would you say about it?

T-House: house with a unique staircase

The fifth project of this selection is T-House, a house built with a beautiful view to Kyoto. It is designed by New Zealand designer Peter Boronski. Despite having a fairly serene appearance, the interior looks like a labyrinthine that highlights on the concrete stairs. This house,  as well as Abiko, are undoubtedly the two most unusual projects that we presented in 2011.

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