Flashlight The Prémont Harley-Davidson by DMG Architectes architecture

April 22, 2013 Comments Off on Flashlight The Prémont Harley-Davidson by DMG Architectes architecture

The Prémont Harley-Davidson is located in Québec. The complex occupies an area of nearly 8,000 square meters and it houses a showroom, a museum collection, and a huge shop. The complex also includes a themed restaurant and administrative offices. The concept of the architecture was to create an iconic building, a landmark in the area. At the southern end of the area, the building culminates in a tower, which disappears on the top in order to make some room for the flashlight. The truth is that this iconic building looks like a landmark visible from the road and its surroundings.
The building is located on a highway and it is different from the other type of generic architecture which is usually found on the outskirts of the city. Many of the buildings within this landscape were built on a small budget. The building features minimalist design. This accumulation of metal structures in the area creates repetitive scenery that responds to an immediate need, but it lacks a long-term vision. In this context, the establishment of Harley-Davidson Prémont has achieved its distinction by having its own identity and an appropriate design for the area and its specific conditions.
The shape of the building is simple, but rather dynamic. It is inspired by the Harley-Davidson brand and therefore it features an elegant, fluid feel. It also projects the freedom and the independence, expressed by the desire to go beyond the realms of the conventional. It is as if the architecture gives a new form to the spirit.
The building Prémont Harley-Davidson creates a sheltered courtyard on the other side of the highway. This space, a kind of microclimate, provides the building environment with more human scale and it ensures the protection against noise, wind and pollution.
The layers that make up the structure of the building give some depth, opacity, and splendour. The facade is made of metal and the building gradually revealsthe interior. During the day, the metal surface gives the impression of opacity and plays the game of shadows. The facade filters the light that comes from within and it transforms the building into a huge flashlight.
The building’s interior is designed more like a museum. The interior design is designated to create memorable experience for visitors. The space tells the history of the Harley-Davidson company. The main entrance is located under the tower and it marks the entrance to the world of Harley-Davidson. Once they enter the big hall, the visitors are immersed in the light that comes from the tower.
It is more than a corporate building, because Prémont Harley-Davidson captures the spirit of the legendary motorcycle brand, its brand values while it creates a unique architectural response to this generic environment.

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