Florakids: colour bathroom for kids

February 22, 2012 Comments Off on Florakids: colour bathroom for kids

Today we present you Florakids, a creative and colour design intended for children. This design is created with a special care for kids. It’s safe and functional for everyday use.

The centerpiece of this collection is a child sink that has the shape of a flower and the top surface is in white, red and green. The sink is eco-friendly, it is easy to use and reduces the risk of burns. It can be complemented with ceramic shelves that are shaped like clouds in various colors. The mirrors are circular and they are placed at different heights in order to ensure that all children see the mirror.
The collection also features a toilet Florakids for children, all edges are curved, with small diameter seat and small handles on the left and right. All seats are designed against bacteria. They are available in white, green and red. The toilet can be vented vertically or horizontally.



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