Fluid lines connect the sport and history

October 28, 2013 Comments Off on Fluid lines connect the sport and history

This latest project by Trahan Architects architectural studio leads us to Natchitoches, a town in the state of Louisiana. And now we focus more specifically on the redesign of the Louisiana State Museum which houses the Hall of Fame Sports in the old town. The design was supposed to represent the combination of history and sports which are properly integrated in the environment.

The architects responded to the above by playing with a part of the cultural history instead of trying to incorporate the two concepts separately.

Although sports and the local history can attract different audiences, the exhibitions and the architecture interconnect them. There is a superb mixture of fluid spaces that complement to each other both physically and aesthetically. Their curves are expanded throughout the interior of the museum.
Smooth surfaces that are integrated into the galleries also can be used for video projections.
The facade highlights the use of copper panels which create a maximum contrast with the interior design.

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