Folklore elements for your home

June 15, 2011 Comments Off on Folklore elements for your home

Pieces in color, freshness and traditions, all are combined with harmony to depict the warmth of the home where your guests will feel most welcome. Folklore, traditional style  has a colorful palette of details which coexist with beauty and energy that will never disappoint even the discerning inhabitant of the house. If you want to be in the know, let’s discover an interesting trend which focal point is folklore style.
It intertwines ethnic, cultural nuances whilst mixing natural elements in order to create warm atmosphere in your home.

In order to create a chic atmosphere, you need to match the right colours. The walls shape the background appearance which transforms into canvases that will be the basis of artistic work. Thus, they bring nuances, warm and cool, which carry the purity of the original interior design trend. Here what really matter are the accessories. All colours are vivid and warm. As we know, usual colours are green and brown in order to bring a sense of wildlife and add a specific charm to the friendly atmosphere. Yet, we shouldn’t be afraid of trying all possible shades, because the more vivid the colours, the better the ambience will be.
You should also consider the usage of youthful and soft, floral motifs. Why don’t you use them in stamped patterns or you can even add other elements such as butterflies and leaves. Overall, you can use everything which is related to the ‘traditional village’ while you keep the word ‘delicacy’ in your mind.
Do not forget to include your personal opinion and geometric designs, because they will definitely add some motion.
Folklore elements depict the character of your home. Dare to follow a trend that combines a world of ancient legends and iconic destinations.

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