Garden Tree House: two trees in your home

March 4, 2013 Comments Off on Garden Tree House: two trees in your home

It’s clear why this building is called the Garden Tree house. You may expect what we will see inside. It is located in Kagawa (Japan) and it occupies an area of 51m2, a garden with a house which was built more than thirty years ago. It served as home to a lady and her husband. In this area there were two beautiful trees that had to be removed in order to clear up some space for the new project, but because they held strong sentimental value for the woman, it was decided that they should become the accent of the future home and thus today we can admire at the Garden Tree House .
The branches are left intact, and they underwent a drying process that lasted two weeks. Then they have been placed back in the area, but they were incorporated in the structure of the house to serve as true pillars. The photos below describe beautifully how the trees are integrated into the project, and they support the top wooden slab wood and thus they remain visible in the living room and kitchen of the house. The end result is quite surprising: both trees completely occupy the double height of the main room and they perfectly blend with other woodwork in the house.
In order to provide more light in this nature-inspired home, there is a fine line that runs throughout the volume of the house.

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