Getting Your Patio Ready For Spring

March 13, 2013 Comments Off on Getting Your Patio Ready For Spring

This spring get in on one of the hottest trends in entertaining by revamping your patio into the perfect outdoor space!

With some creativity, you can transform your backyard into a fabulous place to host social gatherings like birthday parties, wine tastings, barbeques and virtually any other event. With the right outdoor space, the opportunities to entertain are endless!

The trick is creating an outdoor space that is both attractive and functional. Just like any room remodel you need to start by thinking about how you will use the space.

Ask yourself:

                 Will I be cooking and/or serving food?

                 Will my guests be mostly adults, children or both?

                 Will I be entertaining at night?

                 Will my events be casual or more formal?

                 How many people might I invite at any one time?

The answers to these types of questions will help you design a space that is both attractive and functional for your specific needs.



One of the most important functional elements of any outdoor space is seating. You’ll want to have plenty of sturdy, weatherproof outdoor furniture like tables, chairs and benches. Consider storing some extra folding tables and chairs to have on hand for larger gatherings. As you select furniture, think about where your guests will set their drinks and create small, comfortable alcoves for conversation and relaxation.

If your patio gets direct sunlight during the day, you will want to incorporate some sort of shade system into your design. You might shade only a portion of the space to accommodate your guest’s different tastes. Also, if you plan to ever entertain at night be sure you have adequate lighting.

To extend the season during which you can use your outdoor space, incorporate a fire pit, outdoor fireplace or other heating. This is also great for the occasional cool summer nights.

If you plan to cook outside, set aside a spot on your patio for a grill and other supplies. You might also consider a prep space and buffet.



Once you’ve taken care of the functional aspects of your space you’ll want to look for ways to create ambiance and mood. In choosing a theme or décor be sure to consider the types of events you want to host and the ages of your guests. Some good items to consider are:

  • Decorative wind chimes
  • Incense and burners
  • A water feature like a fountain
  • Sound system
  • Throw pillows

Remember that durable weatherproof decorations are easiest to maintain. Items like candles, placemats, and tableware should be stored inside your home and brought out only for events so they will not be destroyed by the elements.

For a beautiful backdrop to your outdoor space year after year consider planting a flower garden or add potted plants from a place like A lovely two-person seating area in the flower garden could be a perfect touch to your outdoor space.



Once you’ve created your perfect outdoor space, planning a fun event is easy. Just add some great food, lively music, friends and family!

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