Glass House: extension of a house in Winchester

December 11, 2013 Comments Off on Glass House: extension of a house in Winchester

This Glass House emerged as the renovation and an expansion of an old manor house in UK. It was built in 1856 and renovated in 1950 to be divided into two modest houses. The idea now was to use al service units and convert the space in a modern reality where the glass has been used even for the structure of the house.
The new design takes advantage of the existing structure, only creating minimal changes to retain the character of the original building. Still there is a huge improvement especially with the new backyard. The house has a glass body, both front and cover, and it uses laminated glass beams to reinforce the entire roof. This solution and the great open area in the old part of the house provide plenty of natural light into the kitchen, the entrance hall and even in the basement. We admit that there is great contrast between light and dark.
We must also mention the ladder with laminated glass steps leading to the upper floor. The top floor houses three bedrooms and two of them serve as a suite. In the basement there is another bedroom, a small cellar, a bathroom, and a room to watch TV. The rest of the rooms are located downstairs.
Immerge yourself in a glass journey and take a look at the photo gallery.

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