Great shops: Bow Berlin

December 6, 2011 Comments Off on Great shops: Bow Berlin

How do you imagine a store that is attractive and appealing, however, it does not feature excessive luxury or expensive objects? Sometimes with common materials, we can much more striking results.
This is the case with Berlin Bow shop where tires have been used instead of usual brick. The lights play an important role in the design of Bow Berlin, which believe it or not, is a jewelry store and they also sell leather products.
This store is super interesting and inside you will find the work of two German designers Michael Lawrenz exposing their bags, belts and accessories and the other designer is Christian Koban who exposes his watches, jewelry and trendy accessories.
The designer of this space is Neels Kattentidt and he made an unusual choice as it comes to materials. He wanted to apply minimum of components and as we have already told you, the typical elegance is avoided, because here you will not find usual high-end materials, but   recycled tires as shelves.
It also worth mentioning that this store is located in a former train station in the City West, where one can breathe the atmosphere of constant change and renewal. This is the place where there were constant experiments in search for something different and interesting.
They have used these recycled  tires, glass finishing to form beautiful shelves that undoubtedly catch one’s attention. The new store Bow Berlin is the evidence that good results, simple and modern can be achieved with a few resources, much passion and endless source of imagination.

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