Green Cube House and green interior design

November 28, 2014 Comments Off on Green Cube House and green interior design

The space of 177m2 of this house is distributed over 3 floors and it has a terrace with spectacular views over the city of Denver. From the foundation to the roof, this Green Cube House was built with the idea in mind to receive a LEED Platinum certification. Well, you will guess it that the main reason that we are now writing about it is due to the spectacular interior design.
Overall, this is a modern house that has a very open floor, taking advantage of panoramic views, and an upper floor with the bedrooms, where the use of sustainable materials and solar energy make a significant difference for the environment. The mixture of materials for the facade includes bricks, steel, wood, concrete, and glass.
The kitchen is organized with a central island, predominantly white furniture, but cabinets are dark wood furniture. This contrast is in line with what we see in the rest of the house, both for floor, ceiling, and walls. There is a small vertical garden on one wall in the living room. Rarely seen, but still available we find a modern glass chimney between the sofa and the dining room, but there is much glass on the stairs, because staircase which is anchored to a steel beam is made of this material.
Just down the stairs (top floor) there is an office space that has the back wall covered with a decorative panels. The bathrooms feature some beautiful tiles with metal finish which give very unique touch to the walls.
Have you found a remarkable interior decoration element of this house that we might have missed? Go ahead and leave a comment!

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