Green house: pure extravagance and scenery

May 2, 2012 Comments Off on Green house: pure extravagance and scenery

Perhaps the first impression of this house is deceptive, but it does not appear that the decision to make this home covered with artificial turf is related to sustainability only. In fact, it is rather the opposite, because your structure cannot exist without any concrete. This Green House is built in Frohnleiten (Austria), and it’s a place with a beautiful landscape that stands out from the enthralling garden. Yet, the house is as if a part of the green environment, the building is almost camouflaged.

The lawn at the facade is not the only strong point as there are a number of concrete elements, placed in the most unlikely places. We should not miss also the details of the windows at the corners. In short, if your first impression was that we will welcome to a green house is partially wrong. It’s a green house with a good choice of extravagant details which contribute to the grandeur of the building.

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