Havvada: the artificial island on the Turkish coast

October 5, 2012 Comments Off on Havvada: the artificial island on the Turkish coast

This project is a blend of urbanism and megastructures. It’s a striking idea even though many would consider it unpleasant to live in. The story of the project starts with the excavation works required to open a channel in Istanbul, and the suggested construction company Inanlar proposed to create an island off the coast of the city, using all extracted cubic meters.

The new island (the project is better known as Havvada) would consist of six mountains, ranging in size between 230 and 400 feet high, but they are actually hollow inside, and would feature an eye-catching dome on top that lets the light come into the architectural masterpiece. The whole project occupies an area that is part of a circle of 3km in diameter, and it is surrounded by green vegetation, shaping large parks and open spaces.
It is designed to accommodate 300,000 people, combining innovative design (and radical) with the latest technology. The residential units are in harmony with the hills. The project also has a circular network of cable cars and rapid transition that connects the six domes with each other, taking into account that each unit has its specific function: museums, offices, education, healthcare, entertainment and sport.
The environment-friendly issues have also been considered, so that each hill is able to produce the energy that it needs from renewable sources.
The promotional video does not contain animated sequences on the 3D model, but the renderings and drawings explain it. What do you think about the parallels between the design and the Turkish elements of culture? Watch the video and let us know what you think!

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