Headquarter Microsoft Viena / INNOCAD Architecture- creativity has its place

June 11, 2012 Comments Off on Headquarter Microsoft Viena / INNOCAD Architecture- creativity has its place

INNOCAD Architecture, in cooperation with KOOP, won the international competition for the construction of Microsoft’s new headquarters in Vienna. The architectural team was responsible for all design and interior architecture of the new space and, in close collaboration with the Microsoft team, took the direction and supervision of the project during implementation. According to the architects, the aim was to combine and create harmony in  the physical space, a virtual office and an open workplace. Microsoft’s headquarters in Vienna is a luxurious vegetation workspace that stimulates the creativity of workers and managers. The office certainly shows the ability to transform a common space in a place that reflects a growing experimental culture. What would one say about the great green wall of plant material to create a warm atmosphere at the reception area? Meeting spaces, bringi  together  some creativity for the imaginative minds. We witness playful and colorful spaces with modular furniture and even water nook, encouraging creativity and imagination of the workers. Meeting rooms, featuring different environments related to water and wood, are designed to enhance collaboration among Microsoft employees.


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