Here’s How to Make Your Home More Summer-Friendly

August 21, 2015 Comments Off on Here’s How to Make Your Home More Summer-Friendly

We are well into August. But there’s plenty of Summer left to enjoy. It doesn’t end until late September. And in many parts of the country, it stays hot and sunny even longer. That means it’s not too late to give your home the full, Summer treatment. Here are a few decorating ideas that will make your home a bit more Summer-friendly:

Make Light of the Situation

In hot climate, your energy costs will skyrocket during the Summer. You will want to avoid anything that adds to your cooling cost unnecessarily. That means you are going to want to make sure your windows are dressed appropriately. It also means that natural light might be a little harder to come by depending on your choice of window covering. There are two things you can do to make light out of the situation:

  1. Use light curtains instead of drapery. Curtains provide a lot of flexibility. Drapery is made from much heavier material. You don’t want to block out all the light, just the excess heat. Sheers or light curtains should do the job nicely.
  2. Use daylight LED bulbs. If you haven’t yet discovered LCD bulbs, you have a lot to learn. Start with this cnet article: “Five things to consider before buying LED bulbs”. One of those things is color temperature. Traditional incandescents tend toward the yellow (warm) hue. Bright, or daylight bulbs tend toward the blue (cool) hue, providing a whiter, more natural light. Since you can’t bring in natural light from the outside, use daylight LEDs to simulate the effect.

Think Outside the Box

This is the Summer we’re talking about. That means backyard BBQs and long stretches on the font porch sipping refreshing beverages, while watching the world go by. This is the season where the areas just outside of the house become a part of the house, and should be decorated accordingly.

Don’t just think of a porch or patio as an outdoor space. Treat it like an actual room in your house, except for the fact that it happens to be outside. Enclosing the space with some type of screen will go a long way toward making it feel like a room. Also, furnish the space like a room. This is no place for $10 lawn chairs from Walmart. Real outdoor furnishings make it a real room. If you have a light fixture in your porch ceiling, trade it in for a ceiling fan.

Security with Style

Because it is still the Summer, you might have a little more traveling to do. That means that if you haven’t done so already, you will want to add some type of monitored security system to your home. After all, you didn’t do all that Summer decorating just to make the burglars more cozy when they decide to clean it out.

You can choose from wired or wireless installations. There is also a range of equipment from indoor motion sensors, to smartphone accessible cameras. It all starts with the providers and options available in your area. California residents such as people who live in San Bernardino, might start their search with, but ADT Security offers there services to a variety of other location as well.

There are plenty of wireless options for outdoor security cameras. They allows you more flexibility when it comes to mounting, and even concealing them. Security does not have to become an eyesore.

When it comes to decorating, it is not too late to make the most out of the rest of your Summer.


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