House 07 in Netherlands

November 29, 2013 Comments Off on House 07 in Netherlands

This apartment for a family of four is located in a stately building in southern Amsterdam. The original structure with rooms for each of the residents, an open living room and long hallways with lots of doors have been transformed into a spacious, transparent dwelling full of light and open spaces.
The house is full of light and due to the warm colours, we recognize a dynamic mixture of open spaces. The transparency gives depth to the volume which is complemented by stylish furniture like the Grcic chair.
An atrium with open staircases brings natural light in the living room. Along the open staircase there is a wall which is covered with clear pine wood and it connects the two levels.
Upstairs we find the master bedroom which is situated next to a large bathroom with nice finishes by Patricia Urquola, textures, glass, semi-transparent elements and wooden furniture.

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