House Codina- home of sun and pleasure

February 15, 2012 Comments Off on House Codina- home of sun and pleasure

Codina House is a detached house located on an area of 1500m2. It is situated in the residential area Guaymallén (Mendoza, Argentina. The project is an example of an architectural piece which is adapted to the climatic conditions and the sunshine.

House Codina is interesting with its mysterious / beautiful wall hanging across the backyard, it aims to protect low-rays sun from the west. The west side is connected with the rest of the house with the help of a semi-transparent material which ensures light and airy atmosphere. The building takes advantage of the increased solar radiation on north (it is in the southern hemisphere), so we find the glass façade a wonderful solution for winter as well. In summer it is protected by the sunrays, but in winter it is ideal for the residents who love light, welcoming atmosphere.
Functionality is also a priority in this house, so rooms are arranged in an unusual way. The master bedroom has its own bathroom and a dressing room, so it is as spacious as a suite. The whole structure of the house is reinforced concrete, so the intention of residents was to find themselves in a sustainable environment. We like the finishes of the façade, as well as the elegant wooden texture which complements to the splendor of the place.

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