House Dalene, Norwegian beauty by Tommie Wilhelmsen

February 20, 2012 Comments Off on House Dalene, Norwegian beauty by Tommie Wilhelmsen

This property is located in Rennesøy, a small town in the province of Rogaland, southwestern Norway. It was designated to be a home for holidays or weekends.
Different materials like wood, glass and concrete are used for the construction of the house, but some stone walls shape the whole space. On the facade we recognize two different shades of wood textures which together with curved elements give a unique charm to this house. The project is fulfilled by Tommie Wilhelmsen.
The house is divided in different levels. Access is provided through the mid level as well. Glass façade reveals beautiful views to the garden. From outside there is a small staircase which leads to room premises.
Interior design features polished concrete finishes and harmony can be felt in every corner of this house in Norway.


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