House Dezanove and the desire to appreciate design

February 7, 2014 Comments Off on House Dezanove and the desire to appreciate design

House Dezanove is a holiday home situated in the northwest of Spain, at the estuary of Arosa, Galicia. Today we have decided to introduce this house, because it is a masterpiece of architecture and its architect is the award-winning Iñaki Leite. The house is built on many levels and it has a unique design, large open windows and a huge kitchen in which you can get the maximum of your power while you enjoy the beautiful sceneries. Downstairs we find a master bedroom with en-suite and private lounge. The living room is a room for relax and it overlooks the garden. Its walls and floors have been covered with light wood paneling while the rest of the house and walls are polished with cement panels and huge glass structures. The overall impression of the house is a place where modern aesthetic lives. Two bedrooms and three bathrooms occupy the space of the house, but we particularly like the rooftop terrace, a garden with an original mini terrace and a direct access to the beach. Of course, owners possess also a large garage and storage space. The designer furniture is elegant and this is a home which is definitely a dream for everyone who has seen it.
Iñaki Leite_Pobra do Caramiñal_26_08_2013

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