House K: style and uniqueness

October 17, 2012 Comments Off on House K: style and uniqueness

Its monolithic appearance, and no visible windows, invites us to think that the use of this building has nothing to do with the residence, however it is indeed a house. It is called K House, and is built in a rural area in central Israel. Its volume consists of a cube of 9 meters high, prefabricated concrete elements, leaving very opaque both sides of the main façade.
But also we recognize a real presence within the concrete modules, marking the height of certain furniture and decorating the house. There is a basement which is intended to house entertainment areas, a fitness room, a kitchen, and a bedroom. The ground floor has a large living room, which visually connects the middle of the kitchen, while upstairs we find four bedrooms, three of them share a bathroom, but the main features a dressing room and a bathroom.
Almost all floors are wooden, we also find white walls with doors, painted in the same color, and we can see the same concept for kitchen furniture. The bathrooms are finished in gray, they combine ceramic tiles, and concrete countertops. The courtyard of the house is opened to the garden.

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