House LH handle: a home with many faces

November 7, 2012 Comments Off on House LH handle: a home with many faces

There is no doubt that the main motivation for an architect to design such a building is to provide maximum comfort to the residents. When a customer chooses their home, and they accent on the size of the house, they certainly know that it reflects much of the architecture and singular configurations. We today present LH House which is not only a part of the group of those pretty houses, but it also features a modern decoration and a variety of rooms.
This building is located in Zapopan (Jalisco, Mexico), and its shape is created by adding and subtracting volumes, which cast interesting shadows on the walls, where the narrow windows are placed strategically along some edges. The garden is a small grassy meadow, but in the front of the house you can see plants of different sizes. The composition is quite smooth, and is enriched with a paneled facade at the entrance of this luxury home.

Everybody who is entering the house, does not seem to overlook the front garden aquatic plants, and the facade that seems to float in the air.
The main hall is more elongated, and it is the largest room, because it also includes a dining area. Huge sliding doors connect the hall with the garden.
If you would like to get inspired by striking details, review the photo gallery of LH House!

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