House on Lake Wenatchee

July 21, 2014 Comments Off on House on Lake Wenatchee

Built on a steep terrain along a path leading to the Lake Wenatchee (Washington, USA), Wenatchee house has excellent views of the water and mountains. It is designed as a modern retreat for two, although it has more space to house guests.
This cottage benefits from the summer shade of the trees that surround it, hiding the landscape thanks to the materials used during the construction process, mainly western red cedar and fir which is very abundant in the region.
There are two floors, the top one is the one that contains the bedrooms and bathrooms, while the bottom acts as a glass pavilion that includes the kitchen and living room just behind the fireplace. But the big surprise is be found in a secret room, accessible through a library, a media room that functions as a guest room and a bathroom.
An important aspect of this project is that the inclination provides high ceilings in the main room, and it allows upstairs to be converted an attic space as in the guest bedroom.
The interior design of this modern cottage is superb, and the wood structure and the coating used in other areas give great warmth. I liked the lounge sofa and all the furniture chosen.

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