House P – another project by Marcio Kogan

April 28, 2014 Comments Off on House P – another project by Marcio Kogan

The P House is located in the farthest part of the Pinheiros River, passing through São Paulo (Brazil). For those who already know some of his work, you could not miss the large volumes of concrete, and a large open living room with all the garden facade. This time the house is composed of three stacked volumes which are perpendicular to the other two, creating terraces on different levels, and a very interesting connection between what is inside and outside the building.
The ground floor is organized with a living room, leaving the kitchen at one end (the other side of the stairs) and in the opposite room we can find a “home theater” . The rest of the space is like a lounge which could be opened to the rear garden and the swimming pool just next to the moving sliding doors. To control the flow of natural light, we find a second layer formed by a folding lattice, which is typical in the architecture project by this architect, but this time we find a different texture. Within the space defining the lounge, there is a subgroup of the dining room and a toilet. The protected could be used as dining and living outdoors.
All bedrooms are on the middle level which includes a suite with two dressing rooms and two bathrooms. All bedrooms have their own bathroom. The last level (2nd floor) has a family room, a toilet, and various storage spaces. As you can see from the photos, it is a true luxury property.


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