House Poļlauki in Latvia

November 27, 2013 Comments Off on House Poļlauki in Latvia

Tukums is a small town about 60 kilometers west of Riga, capital of Latvia. This is where a rural spot of 0.2 hectares has been reshaped and the farm has been expanded in order for us to find today the lovely house Pollauki.
The new single-family housing was divided into two levels: a ground floor that would house spaces for the entrance, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, office and lounge and a floor for two bedrooms and a bathroom.
The abundance of light in the house was one of the main purposes of the reformation. Therefore, a new volume has become the most characteristic feature of the property. Also, to alleviate the effects of the cold which reaches extreme temperatures during the winter months, it was necessary to install a reliable system for underfloor heating which ensures the warmth needed in all rooms. Yet, there is a fireplace located in the living room.
For the construction of the structure of the new volume, architects Šēnberga Mara, Oskars Žuks and Agnese Auniņa opted to retain the structural system used in the existing building, consisting of wooden beams and pillars and then reinforce it in certain parts with steel columns. To better reshape the exterior, wooden cladding was used again, combined with concrete blocks and bricks.

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