House S / Lassala + Elenes Architects – architectural splendour

November 23, 2012 Comments Off on House S / Lassala + Elenes Architects – architectural splendour

The project House S / Lassala is a central hall or double height gallery from which you can access spaces both downstairs and upstairs. The lobby features a triangular shape which is just above the water after one climbs the stairs to reach the upper floor. The house features almond-coloured walls, marble chocolate that comes and a vibrant gallery with orange walls.
The cream marble floor in beige tones expands the space. We definitely like the outdoor terrace and the swimming pool. The focal point of the exterior is the main facade which is built with stones and chocolate marble volumes.
Every single architectural detail communicates with the natural vegetation and makes the subtle connection between the modern architecture and the harmonious lifestyle of the owners.

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