House Sayo – the freedom of the modern space

March 22, 2013 Comments Off on House Sayo – the freedom of the modern space

The author of this project is a genius. He has created this 3.94m house and the name of the architect is Shintaro Fujiwara. This time limitations are not we will discuss, because it seems that they don’t exist if the project is a nice one. Mr. Fujiwara has constructed a single storey dwelling for a family with two children. The house is located in Sayo (Hyogo Prefecture, Japan) and it has a floor area of 83m2, and it actually is defined like an extraordinary house which is typical of the architecture of the country.
The interesting thing this time is found in the living room which has been extended and transformed into a huge space that actually communicates with all other rooms in the house. I would call this architectural approach a bit of risky if not applied properly, but the truth is that his housing responds perfectly to the project, required by the customer, and it has some good wooden finishes. The exterior perfectly reflects the internal organization of every interior piece.

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