House Twisted: the art of adaptation

March 31, 2014 Comments Off on House Twisted: the art of adaptation

The Twisted House is immersed in an upscale neighborhood Osaka ( Japan ), in an area that hinders the development of a conventional home. The architects had to manage and respond to the abnormal solution and handle all customer requests which had to comply with local regulations.
The idea of a linear concept is expected to fit the geometry of the place, but the natural light enters from the deck, through triangular holes that appear to create a stepped roof.
The central part of this house is dominated by the dining room and the lounge, which also gets access to the backyard. The bedrooms are located on each end, first is the bedroom for the parents , while the other is the kids room. They have no access door, because this spatial division has its own staircase. Partitions do not end in the kitchen ceiling , which is not surprising since having no window ( a questionable decision, though) , is the only way to get some natural light. The bathroom is unique and it is fragmented into three areas: toilet, sink and bathtub.
The interior is dominated by the white color and it changes the perspective all the time. Outside this is a house that shows owners obsession with privacy, there are no windows visible from the street and it features finished sheet metal.

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