House WING: the ‘unfinished’ piece of freedom

September 28, 2012 Comments Off on House WING: the ‘unfinished’ piece of freedom

This apartment is believed to have some parts which are ‘unfinished’ at a certain height, but all are painted white, so the final result is a dazzling minimalist home. Wing House is a workspace that also is home of an artist. It is only 69m2, and is located on the 10th floor of a residential building from the 60s in Seoul (South Korea).
The core element of most interesting elements is undoubtedly the “wing” that goes along the ceiling from the apartment entrance, passes the library, and continues to a bizzare surface composed of different parts (it’s a puzzle!. The wing is also an element of the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, and it provides the smooth transition from public to private. It’s also interesting how that element has been used to accent on the lighting on the ceiling.


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