House with Two Courtyards and Modern Interior

September 11, 2009 Comments Off on House with Two Courtyards and Modern Interior


When it comes to open plans and great indoor and outdoor connection, houses built around central courtyard are quite common. This house for a couple and two their daughters in Guadalajara, Mexico is one of those houses, which also has other adjacent courtyard and beautiful terrace. There are three levels in it. A basement level includes a garage, services and a game room and stairway which connects the whole house. On the ground floor the kitchen, dinging room and family room are located. All these areas surround the central courtyard. Three bedrooms are located on the third level but they still have great relationship with outdoor areas through the terrace. The interior design is done in modern contemporary style. Colors and shapes chose not only to be stylish but also cosy and practical. [Casa N by Agraz Arquitectos]

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