House Xálima: just a poetry on a cliff

May 21, 2014 Comments Off on House Xálima: just a poetry on a cliff

Thanks to the professional CAD software 3D, and animation ot is possible to recreate the architecture which has not been built yet, submit it within a virtual environment and start conducting tours inside. The House Xálima is precisely an excellent job of virtual architecture, maybe it is just waiting for a wealthy client to realize on a lost cliff. In the meantime we will enjoy these spectacular photos that takes us to a space where water, vegetation, and dialogue with nature create a powerful symbiosis, which is hard to forget.
This luxury paradise has been designed on a rocky island, near a waterfall where one can enjoy a beautiful panoramic and private access to the sea. The Xálima House can be reached on foot down a long staircase carved into the mountain wall or by car , following a winding path that ends in a garage. The finish is a beautiful view a statue in the background. Both approaches lead to the intermediate level of the building. Each of the three floors has large overhanging gardens on the upper decks and lower level, while on the middle floor what you see is water, much water. As already mentioned, the middle floor is completely surrounded by water, there we find different rooms , all linked to outdoor spaces and pools.
Downstairs there is a wing with a kitchen, dining and living room; it is perpendicular to the main staircase of the house, a reading room , a games room , a bar and a relaxation area with panoramic natural view . This pool creates a sense of illusion in Xálima House, because the glass is partially defined by the wall of the mountain. The media room also has three of its glass walls, this time facing the bottom of the second pool. Downstairs there is another bedroom with a terrace, and access to the third pool.

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