How LED lighting changes the ambiance of a room

March 20, 2013 Comments Off on How LED lighting changes the ambiance of a room

Millions of Americans are switching to LED lighting to save money. In addition to cutting your electricity costs, these eco-friendly bulbs can change the ambiance of a room. From light strips and drop lighting, to colorful spotlights, there are a myriad of ways to use LED light bulbs in your home. Shop for LED lighting at Light Bulb Planet for low prices on eco-friendly, energy efficient LED replacement bulbs.

LED lights are used in salons, shopping malls, and on the world famous signs in Times Square to give each space a distinctive look. The brightness of the bulbs, their colors and positioning create a one-of-kind atmosphere for all who encounter them. Take a cue from these commercial uses to find a unique way to personalize your home’s interior lighting. Since there are an enormous number of LED lights to choose from, there are several ways to impact the feel of a room.

Select the perfect style of LED lights to create a theme for your room. For example, modernist rooms, featuring clean lines and European-style furnishings, can be accentuated with space-age inspired LED string lighting. Hang LED drop lighting from the ceiling to give your bedroom the romantic charm of a Parisian street at night. The softness of the lights and their positioning over your bed will give the room an undeniable touch of elegance.

Indirect LED lighting can be used in a number of rooms throughout the home since they have no glare and disperse light evenly throughout the room. Indirect lights are also versatile, serving as the perfect standalone lights, as well as the ideal complement to existing overhead lighting. For example, indirect LED lighting can be used in bathrooms to provide a morning jolt that is clean and clear, while creating a pleasant atmosphere. The additional brightness will help make your morning grooming more exact.

In living rooms, strips of indirect LED lights can be used to add warmth to the environment. You can also affix LED light strips with colored bulbs that suit your differing moods. Whether you desire cool blue tones to calm your nerves after a hectic day, or energetic orange and reddish hues that are reminiscent of the sun, there are countless of colors that can be used to give your room the perfect atmosphere.

Create an alternating mood that is exciting and classy with LED spotlights. These decorative lights can feature up to six LED bulbs that range from white lights to differing color selections. LED spotlights can be mounted or floor standing, and programmed according to your wishes.

Whatever you desire, LED lighting is guaranteed to give each room in your home a unique look and distinct feel.


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