How “Smart” Homes Are Changing The Custom Home Building Game

July 17, 2014 Comments Off on How “Smart” Homes Are Changing The Custom Home Building Game

Custom home builders are consistently seeking out new ways to innovate and gain an edge over their competition. With technological advances unlike anything previously realized, custom home builders are now offering homeowners the ability to control their home in “smart” and environmentally friendly ways.

The use of home controls is one common way that custom homeowners are reaping the full benefits of technology. Home control systems not only add value but also meet high-tech expectations for both the builder and the homeowner alike.

Here is a more in-depth look at this emerging area of technology:

First, it’s important to understand what is possible when installing smart home controls into a custom home. One popular use for smart home controls is the ability to control light switches remotely. It is also possible now to control and operate audio/video throughout the home, as well as security systems, heating and cooling, and even opening and closing garage doors and external security gates.

Most of these options have a practical application, but when it comes to custom homes, many homeowners are also looking for luxury. Thankfully, homeowners can also customize these remote controls to control television appliances throughout the home as well as switching on an appliance like a washer or dryer at will.

These systems can usually be controlled with the use of an iPad but other remotes are becoming more commonplace. Emerging technology is allowing for smart homes to be controlled from a digital remote control, which is manufactured especially by the home automation system company. Mobile smartphones and tablets of all types can also be used to control the home remotely with the download of an app and an easy sync to the home automation system control panel.

Custom home builders are integrating these technological advances in order to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive custom home environment. As consumers become more comfortable with technology, they are consistently looking for ways to improve the quality of life and that seems to go double for a custom home. Although the installation of a home automation system can sometimes tack on an additional $10,000 to $20,000 in some cases to the overall cost of the custom home, several homeowners are understanding the benefit of being able to control their home from a remote location. In the long run though, this extra upfront expense can pay off.

An example of how this is true is simply in saving energy. In a custom home where an automation system is installed, it is possible to ensure that all the electronics are powered down, the lights are dimmed, and the thermostats get set to a power saving setting. The days of running out of the house and leaving an energy draining light on are now over thanks to remote controlled home automation systems.

Convenience, finances, and overall peace of mind are all determining factors when it comes to installing a home automation system in a custom home. In more cases than not, when a homeowner gets to fully understand the benefits of being able to control their smart home remotely, it is an option that they typically opt for. In addition to the convenience factor, this emerging technology is also at the forefront of “green” homes, which reduces the environmental impact on the planet; an option that is becoming more attractive to homeowners all across the world. This makes installing a home automation system almost as commonplace as installing insulation; in other words, making it almost a necessity.

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