How to adopt cultural influences into your design style with class

July 24, 2014 Comments Off on How to adopt cultural influences into your design style with class

Looking to other cultures for inspiration and ideas has long been an important part of architecture and interior design, producing many stunning buildings and spaces over the years.

 However, it is one aspect of design that’s all too easy to get wrong, with badly incorporated cultural influences looking out of place and sometimes tacky. Get it right though, and you can create stunning interior and exterior designs that will set your home apart and produce a design you’ll love forever.

 Use influences subtly

 If the rest of your home or McCarthy & Stone apartment is decorated in a traditional or contemporary British style, having a large piece of cultural art or dominant piece of furniture in the space may seem a little incongruous.

 Instead, try to work cultural influences in more subtly by using smaller pieces of art or furniture and linking the colours and patterns contained in them to other accessories and soft furnishings in the space.

 Be consistent

 Whether you’re just giving your living room a makeover or transforming your entire home, it’s important to be consistent with your interior design theme.

 If you’re using culture influences in your interior, try to use hints of it throughout the space with small pieces of art, patterns or furnishings used throughout your home. This way, your theme will be immediately obvious to any visitors without being overwhelming, giving you an eye-catching, classy interior.

 Stick to one culture

 Though there may be a lot of cultures that you’re inspired by, trying to incorporate them all into your home can result in cluttered interiors and confused designs. Instead, try to stick to one culture or aesthetic and use it throughout the space.

 If you’re not sure which look to go for, try creating a mood board for each influence you’re considering to help get a feel for the design.

 Make sure it reflects you

 Interior design has a huge impact on the way that we experience a space so ensuring that you’re happy with the design and that it reflects your personality is the most important factor. When incorporating cultural influences into your design, make sure they don’t overwhelm the space, otherwise your personality could become lost in the mix.

 Adopting cultural influence in design is an exciting and effective way to transform your interior and give your home a new lease of life.


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