How to choose a shower for your bathroom

April 22, 2014 Comments Off on How to choose a shower for your bathroom

Do you have difficulty choosing a shower screen or a shower for your bathroom? The shower is a key element in our bathroom. However, what about shower screens? They avoid the water splashing to the ground and thus “save” the floor of our bathroom. What kind of approach is needed to properly select the shower screen?
If you want to have a real modern design, I advise you to opt for those screens that have a frameless structure, they are made of glass and bring aesthetics to your modern bathroom.
banos-de-lujo2The screens with middle frame structure have no interior vertical profiles and they are also widely used as they are functional and convey a modern character. Such screens have a sliding door and they are perfect for saving space in the bathroom.
Components of the shower enclosure
Glass: many shower doors are made of tempered glass, this glass is very durable and provides much security. Currently you can find shower screens with clear glass or print, there’s even smoke glass screens, which are ideal to give more personality to your bathroom.
Many profiles have aluminum partitions. Today it is widely used in shower screens and chrome finishes are typical for lacquered screens.
Bearings: the bearings are parts that are used in all the sliding doors of the shower cabin. They give a special characters to the doors. We strongly recommend shower enclosures with double bearings, because they ensure safe and easy sliding.
Shower screens could be a focal point in any modern bathroom and they convey technological advances and provide a comfort even in a small space.
Some of the features we look for in modern shower screens are:

  • Hand shower
  • Central rain shower
  • LED lighting
  • touch display
  • stained glass and decorations

There are showers which are fixed, folding, combined fixed panels and folding , sliding , different types of glass, with transparent different finishes, different colors or screens. Each shower has its unique design, personalized textures, colors and decorations.
We all know that a daily shower is a key moment in our day, because it provides rejuvenation and relaxation you need, so don’t compromise your maximum comfort and play with the design of your bathroom.

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