How to combine purple colours of the walls

October 17, 2011 Comments Off on How to combine purple colours of the walls

 The violet color is usually accompanied by a neutral tone to make it look elegant and the atmosphere would not become overwhelming. Usually combined with white or a touch of white, the purple colour generates a luminous space.
With beige, sand, cream the contrast is not so visible, the surrounding space looks more delicate and warm. Similarly you can continue using white details. A combination might be fantastic with brown (chocolate, land). It is likely that the atmosphere becomes too dark if you have good lighting. With a combination with gray, the interior looks more elegant and modern. If gray is a light shade, it looks close to the object,  but if the tone is darker, the lighting can decrease dramatically.  It is always a good idea to combine colors. In our case, two colors of purple go along perfectly. Yellow is the complement of violet. In some premises, especially the bedroom, yellow and all its shades should be used in small proportions. Use similar colors: yellow, lemon, yellow-green, pistachio. Other colors that accent on details and are similar to violet are blue (light blue, turquoise) and red (wine, pink, burgundy, fuchsia).

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