How to decorate the apartment with beautiful pictures

November 7, 2011 Comments Off on How to decorate the apartment with beautiful pictures

Combining themes of the paintings with the home interior requires a lot of discretion. Similarly, the size and themes of these can be used many times the room. If you add furniture and other accessories, the elements can confuse and disrupt the visual harmony, so we need to be careful indeed.
The first thing to note is that the painting should be positioned at eye level with the base to 1.30 meters above the ground. In terms of distances, large pictures require more distance.

Pictures are an important element of the interior. It may seem simple  since many people tend to place their pictures in the first empty space they can find, regardless of whether this is the best place to hang or not.

A painting must generate feelings, though, inspire harmony and make our home a welcoming place. However, these decorative accessories are often underestimated, because many people do not know how to use them. If you want to give personality to your room with a touch of innovation, here we offer you the best tips to decorate it with pictures.

If the picture has saturated colors, it is best to be hung on a wall of larger surface. This will prevent overloading and making the interior too cluttered.
If this is the room of your little daughter, it’s important to reduce the number of images to give scope to the environment. The large pictures also help achieve this effect, but do not abuse them to avoid overloading.
If your room is rustic and has some wooden highlights, then avoid pictures with frames of this material. The best in these cases is to use glass frames. In rooms with insufficient light, pictures with soft tones help achieve clarity.
Also tend to hang dynamic geometric shapes. Do not forget that the pictures should keep one thing in common between them, either by similarity or opposition. Thus, the harmony is guaranteed.
A very interesting grouping of pictures is a mosaic on a wall. Remember that when you put the pictures keep their distance proportional to their sizes. Moreover, among the larger pictures you have to leave more space.
Decorating a room with paintings may seem simple, but as you can see, some imagination and style are essential. To take full advantage of their aesthetic features, do not forget to keep to the initial interior design project.

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