How to Enjoy Your Pool 12 Months Of The Year Without Heating

April 26, 2014 Comments Off on How to Enjoy Your Pool 12 Months Of The Year Without Heating

There are several methods and products that can help increase and maintain the temperature of your swimming pool’s water so you can enjoy a year round swimming season. Without using a heating system, however, the only way to increase your pool’s water temperature is to maximise its ability to conserve the heat it absorbs from the environment.

The effectiveness of these methods will depend on the climate where your pool is located, so be sure to obtain expert advice on which methods and products would be most suitable for your swimming pool.

Maximise the amount of sun your pool receives

Firstly, when you have a sunny day one weekend, take the time to observe your pool area every hour and see where, how much and for how long it is in shade. Now there is not much you can do if the shade is being cast by a building or other permanent structure, but if it is from a tree, trellis, or anything else that can be removed or relocated, you should consider doing just that.

Every six months you should thoroughly trim all the trees and shrubs that have begun to cast shade over your pool. This will also have the secondary effect of reducing the amount of leaf litter entering the pool. Put simply, the more sun your pool gets, the warmer it will be.

Install a thermal blanket

The cheapest and most effective way to help your pool water retain its heat is to install a thermal blanket. These blankets sit on the surface of the water, creating a layer of insulation to keep in the heat absorbed from the sun. The most common type of thermal blanket is the plastic “bubble wrap” style, which is effectively a heavy duty version of the bubble wrap used to package fragile objects for posting. The layer of air trapped in the “bubbles” creates an effective insulation barrier while minimising the amount of plastic needed, making this style of blanket lightweight and relatively cheap.

Use a liquid thermal blanket

A liquid thermal blanket is a chemical solution, usually made up of isopropyl alcohol and a proprietary chemical, that creates and invisible layer on top of your pool’s water that helps it retain heat and reduce evaporation. These chemicals are usually odourless, colourless, and filter friendly, and they work 24 hours a day, whether there are people swimming or not. They are a great solution if you have a lot of swimmers using the pool and unlike a cover, do not need to be constantly taken off and put on.

They come in single use packages, which can simply be added to the pool and will slowly release the chemical over about a month period before a new one needs to be added. Alternatively, you can use a chemical feeder to supply a constant level of the thermal blanket liquid. In this method, a bulk bottle of the chemical is attached to the feeder, which senses the amount of chemical in the water and doses appropriately.

As you can see, there are several simple and effective ways to maximise the use you get out of your pool without have to use expensive gas or solar heating systems. For more information on these ideas and products, remember to contact a pool specialist such as Alliance Pool Stores. Do you have any tips or suggestions to share?


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